Thursday, April 23, 2009

random thoughts for Earth Day (be-lated)

I have never blogged before so I hope this finds it's way to the right place...For those of you that are residents of Columbus, you can go to and apply for a membership. It is free and you are recognized by the city as someone who is committed to making changes in your household, etc to help our enviroment. It is really neat, it also lists businesses and restaurants that have committed as well. It gives you lists of ideas to choose from that you promise to change, i.e., we have wrapped our water heater in a blanket, reduced water intake in our toilets, but there are many other ideas as well and you can also suggest ideas too.
Some small things I have also done in my household is switching to cloth napkins to reduce waste (you can reuse them through the day or even a couple of days of if they don't get too dirty) and my husband takes the bus to work when he can. I am always open for new ideas too!
By the way, since yesterday was Earth Day I found a website called and you can sign up to stop random catalogs being mailed to you. It is also free.


  1. thanks erin! i will have to check it out. what do you use to reduce water intake in your toilets? do you have one of those flapper things? cloth napkins are great as well as using washcloths for the children's faces after meals. i used to rely so heavily on paper towels and now i rarely use them.

  2. One way is to put a full bottle of water in the tank (it takes up space) but we actaully just lowered the float so that does not fill all of the way up. Until we buy new tiolets that are more energy efficient (which is not in the budget at the moment) this works well. The flush may be slightly slower but it all works the same